Il progetto Cabiria

The Scores at the Bibliomediateca “Mario Gromo” of the Museo Nazionale del Cinema

The Richest Collection of Film Scores in Piedmont


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The most significantly numerous group of film scores catalogued in the course of the project (over a thousand) is held at the Bibliomediateca “Mario Gromo” del Museo Nazionale del Cinema in Turin. If, like elsewhere, in most cases they are songs or single instrumental pieces, there are also some of the first original film scores, often present in reductions for small ensembles or piano: from Saint-Saëns’ one for L’assassinat du Duc de Guise by Calmettes and Le Bargy to Breil’s for The Birth of a Nation by Griffith, from the one by Fino for Bacchini’s Joseph to the one by Gottschalk and Peters for Griffith’s Orphans of the Storm, from the one by Becce for Murnau’s Der letzte Mann to the one by Huppertz for Lang’s Metropolis.

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