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The Music Scores at the Biblioteca Nazionale in Turin

The legal deposit of printed material and some rare film scores published in Turin


In compliance with the rules which over the decades have regulated the legal deposit of printed material, many film scores have merged into the collections of the Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria in Turin, where they have been recently listed and partially catalogued. Although their number (around a hundred, over a half published by Stefano Pittaluga) and time range covered (1910-1937) suggest dispersions and lacks due to little effective rules, they are interesting documents of music publishing in Piedmont. Among others, we must indeed mention at least Osvaldo Brunetti’s score for Lo schiavo di Cartagine by Luigi Maggi, Roberto Omegna and Arturo Ambrosio (1910), the piano reduction of the one by Carlo Graziani-Walter for Eleuterio Rodolfi’s Gli ultimi giorni di Pompei (1913) and the pamphlet titled Al Jolson nel Cantante di jazz, film parlante al Vitaphone (Turin, RC Réclame Cinematografica, [1929]), containing articles, photographs and a few songs from the famous The Jazz Singer by Alan Crosland (1927).


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